Hi, I'm Nelson Wells, Co-Founder at Team Clermont, tech & music consultant , VC & startup angel investor. I help tech-people and indie musicians launch their careers. I'm also a devoted and tireless dad and co-founder of identical twin daughters.

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Nelson Wells sold his first startup company at the age of 21. Now he is on his 5th venture helping to facilitate other technology startups, consulting in tech and the blockchain space and music industry. He has advised and help launch many tech startup comanies & indie music record labels as a consultant , a VC & startup angel investor. Wells is also a devoted and tireless dad and co-founder of identical twin daughters. Wells still finds time to design and prototype his own inventions and run his PR Firm, Team Clermont based in Athens, Georgia. Currently, you may find Wells filling any one of the following roles: Cofounder & CEO of indie music & tech PR Firm Team Clermont, speaking about PR & music marketing on panels at conferences like SXSW & CMJ, or surfing different waves at some of his favorite surf spots around the world.  As CEO of Team Clermont Wells lead the team through its first 20 years tripling its valuation in a niche market in less than the first three years. Team Clermont has since quickly become North America's premier boutique Music & Tech PR Firm specializing in National Publicity campaigns, independent Radio marketing, and film and TV sync licensing promotion. Nelson began Team Clermont in 1997 as the independent radio promotion division of his PR firm, Wells & McLean, inc. with partner Jimmy McLean, artist manager for such acts as Jason & The Scorchers, Five-Eight, and Allgood. In 2001, Wells expanded the company to incorporate a full-service traditional media department and an online media department. In 2004 Wells & team were the first Music PR company to officially service a full list of music blogs with their clients' recordings to great success. Now over 20 years of successful music PR campaigns has catapulted Team Clermont to the top of their field. Clients include Warner Bros. Records, Mute Records, Astralwerks, Domino, R.E.M., SXSW, Asthmatic Kitty, Merge Records, SubPop, and more. In 2002 Wells formed a property investment company for developing, restoring, and marketing renewable, green, coastal and historic properties in Savannah, Tybee Island, GA, Daufuskie Island, SC, and Athens, Georgia. He has since sold the majority of shares in this company and is focussing his time and efforts as CEO of Team Clermont, and on funding and advising small startup software ventures, surfing waves, crafting handy inventions that may change the world or may only improve his kitchen technique, and taking care of his identical twin daughters. For personal & consulting find Wells at nelson-wells.com. For VC & investment banking find Wells at nelson-wells.net. For music & tech PR and publicity find Wells at Team Clermont. For #VC & Angel-investing accreditation see Wells at Angel.co/nelson_wells . For Wells Bio info see About.me/NelsonWells. For Nelson Wells's Linkedin professional information see Linkedin. For Nelson Wells on Twitter click here. https://www.facebook.com/NelsonWellsOfficial - business https://www.facebook.com/NelsonWellsAthens - personl

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#surfing, #cycling, #triathlons, #indiemusic, #tech, & music, consulting, #blockchain, #technology, #startups, startup, small business, investing, #VC, #Angel, investing, I tend to over share, but daily or weekly I cycle, swim or do yoga for the occasional triathlon. I like my morning coffee with my investment portfolio open and my giant Pyrenees at my feet. I like riding to the pool for some lunch break laps and sun on my face, or a good 30-mile ride late afternoon and a cold IPA at sunset. Tapas or oysters with friends for dinner or cooking from my garden and generally keeping it healthy and mindful. Currently reading "The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck." Favorite countries are Nicaragua, France, Switzerland, and Costa Rica. Surfing is my #1 fave & I take 2-3 surf trips per year. I'm loveable, cheerful, laid back, easy to get along with and I'm a devoted and tireless dad and father to identical twin daughters. I say the word "Cheers" far too often., #inventions, sometimes I think I'm an, #inventor, investments, indie music, PR, indiemusic, music, promotion, marketing, sync, licensing, best, European, American, top 10, public relations, teams, in the US, Canada, radio, PR firms, indie music, pr firm, small, large, biggest, top performing, Top 5, top 7, top 12, top 20, top 30, top 40, top 50, public relations, companies, Nelson, Wells, college radio, alternative, radio, flaming lips, wilco, Asthmatic kitty, merge records, publicity, campaigns, team, clermont, bill benson, and, Nelson, Wells are equal opportunity employers, against, all forms of, sexism, racism, sexist, behavior, against, all, anti-civil rights, homophobia, Team clermont, does not suppport, or put up with, workplace, sexism, in the, workplace, or, home, terrific, business, friendly, people, staff, team, southern, Chicago, St Simons, St simons island, Georgia, Athens, GA, georgia, pr companies, publicity teams, pr teams, best pr, best pr team, top ranked, top pr, top pr teams, top pr companies, top 10 pr, best of, top 5 pr, top publicity firms, top pr firms, great pyrenees, puppies, kittens, rock, bands, indie band, singer, songwriter, Americana, music, A3, radio promoters, top10, promoter, top5, publicist, worldwide, CD sales, sync, licensing, tv & films, entertainment, industry, charts, plugging, radio plugging, radio pluggers, plugger, legal, payola, radio stations, NPR, public radio, charting, commercial radio, magazines, news, zines, blogs, #indiemusic, #indierock, #singer, #songwriter, #prince, #Haggard, David Bowie, sigur ros, Prince nelson, Prince, Nelson, artist, artist formerly known as, media, chart, radio chart, top 20 radio, music, playlist, playlists, Spotify, curated, playlist, college radio, public radio, CMJ, NACC, #publicradio, #collegeradio, sounds like, RIYD, RIYL, FFO, for fans of, recommended, artists, streaming, Mp3, mp3's, download, free, indiepop, indiemusic, indie pop, tunes, songs, lists, play list, samples, Asthmatic kitty, merge records, domino records, M83, kaela sinclair, on tour, radiohead, REM, R.e.m., warner bros, warner brothers, altrock radio, alt rock, brit rock, Americana, country music, live show, tour dates, team claremont, team clenmont, team clearmont, team clermount, does radio, does pr, does public, relations, relationship, radio plugging, #plugging, #pluggers, radio pluggers in the US, UK radio plugging, get my music played, promote my music, promote my song, get my song on radio, promote my music to radio, promote my music to press, get music played, indie, indie pr, publicity, music publicity, tech publicity, blockchain, blackchain pr, blockchain marketing, startup pr, indie americana, indie pop, indie music pr, independent music, unsigned musician, unsigned bands, promotion, magazine, write ups, reviews, interviews, press